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Welcome to Rise Volleyball!

We are so exicted to kick off the 2019/2020 Volleyball Season!  We will be setting up practice times, tournament dates and more soon! 

About Us

After my daughter's first club tryouts resulted in a disappointing finish, I watched her struggle with not getting a bid.  She worked so hard, and it was very upsetting for her (and her mom!) to watch.  We quickly realized this would actually be a great lesson in hard work and perseverance. 

Later that week, while still feeling bad about the whole experience and trying to figure out how to help her through the disappointment, the word "Rise" kept popping in my head. I had this feeling that this is a great opportunity for her to rise to a challenge, to battle back from defeat... to work harder.  Rise inspires ingenuity. It is about accepting no limits and inspiring a positive spirit for all-around growth.

2019 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Rise.  After playing for over a year together as a league team, we are entering the "Club" world.  


Register - COMING SOON

Tournament Schedule - COMING SOON

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Rise FAQs

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